Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sixlets...potential hazards.

Sixlets are the perfect size for a child's nostril. Yes, I got it out, and yes I had to have a picture first.

Victories and...err.. Mistakes

Parenthood is all about little victories and big mistakes. Soooo, here are a few of my own parenting bloopers:

Victory = Karmen has yet to learn a curse word from me.

Mistake = I said she never learned one from me, but I made the mistake of watching Daniel Tosh comedy with her in the next room (apparently listening). "Damn snapple" were the words.

Victory = She never really got into Dora the Explorer, mostly because I can't stand it and would turn on anything but that.

Mistake = Instead of the usual Dora obsession, she is now obsessed with Blue's Clues. Makes the Dora victory a little less of a win.

Victory = When potty training, she never had an accident in a public place.

Mistake = I made the mistake of trying the "go diaperless at home as much as possible" method, and well, she decided to poop on the carpet. As if that wasn't bad enough, when I walked up to her (freaking out a little) she accidently stepped in it. Then as it's stuck to her foot, she is jumping around and screaming and so instead of poop on the carpet, I got poop ALL over the living room carpet. Not to mention, I also stepped in some trying to get her to be still.

Victory = Karmen hasn't made many inappropriate comments to people in public, other than, "Tell her to stop looking at me."

Mistake = Karmen loves the movie Tangled, but a few days ago she walked up to me, patted me on the chin, and said, "You're gettin' kinda chubby." Thanks Rapunzel's mom.