Thursday, November 8, 2012

time slips away

Isnt it funny how quickly time passes? The last post i wrote was when blakely was brand spankin new and now shes 6months old. Im very content at this point in my life and i am trying to savor it because i know this life isnt supposed to be this wonderful and this wont last forever. Kaseys home (aka not deployed), our marriage is healthy, our kids are beautiful and funny and sweet and precious, we both have good jobs we enjoy, good friends, good families. I feel like our new home is actually home, unlike the other one where i never felt too attached. Maybe because karmen and i were always there alone...i know, poor me. I wish i could bottle the kids up and keep them this way forever. They love each other so much and i know that eventually they will fight, swear they hate each other at times, tattle on each other, etc etc.. its 2 am and kaseys in okc for more army stuff so karmen is asleep next to me and i just put blakely back in her crib. Ive mostly only posted about the sour aspects of motherhood on here so far so jot this one down in thesweet category. :) Hopefully Blakely wont be 1 before my next post.

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