Thursday, December 27, 2012

Couch Potato

I really don't consider myself a couch potato, because I'm actually one of those people that doesn't like just sitting around. I just liked the title for my post. On my days off, I usually spend it playing with the girls, cooking, laundry, dishes, swiffering, etc. If anything kills my activity level it's my love of reading. I could sit and read all day.

My mom had heart issues until she became a vegan, and my dad has already had a heart attack. My grandpa died after his second major heart attack. I know that I have heart disease in my family, and my poor girls have it from both sides as well. Kasey's dads side of the family is full of heart disease. That could be because of lifestyle choices, but it's still there. Plus, my work friend Lauren was saying the other day that she got her cholesterol level checked and it was only one point below "High" so it was in the borderline high category. Thats scary! We eat and live like we're invincible but we really aren't. I want to be around a long time and watch my kids grow up. I want to watch my grandkids get married and have their own kids.

  Kasey has always been a health nut, so its no hard transition for him but I've always struggled with my love of chocolate and greasy food. Hes easier to be around when hes been working out on a regular basis anyway. Haha. My mom always cooked with flaxseeds, olive oil, etc and never kept cokes in the house so when I got old enough to buy my own food I didn't make very good choices. Its easy for me to cook healthy suppers, because I know thats what kasey wants but lunch I struggle with whether I'm home or not.

  In 2009, I agreed to start working out regularly with kasey, and for about 7 months we worked out together at the simmons center about 4-5 days a week. I looked and felt better than before. We gave ourselves one cheat day where we ate what we wanted and still worked out, and then a second cheat day where we ate clean but relaxed and didn't exercise. Then he deployed and HE kept working out but I struggled with balancing nursing school, karmen, and taking care of the house so I fell off the wagon. I didn't like picking karmen up from daycare and then dropping her off at the simmons center daycare so I just quit.

Yesterday, I told kasey that I would start working out with him again at least 3 days a week. Theres no way I could work out after work on my work days, so 3-4 days will have to do for now. We went to Ft Sill to the commissary and loaded up on healthy food. For our meals yesterday we had oatmeal and fruit, then went out to lunch and he had a chef salad and I had a chicken salad, and for supper last night I made homemade tomato basil soup.

 Today so far I ate oatmeal with peaches and brown sugar that I had in the crockpot overnight, an herbalife shake for lunch which was pretty good I'll admit, and for supper I'm making vegetable fajitas. Its marinating as I type :) I know that exercise is useless without eating healthy, so I don't want to "waste" my time at the gym. When I eat crap I don't even have the energy for the gym so it doesn't matter. I even went to Big 5 and bought myself one new workout outfit. If I stick with it I can buy more but I'll do one for now.

Here's to a healthier family!

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